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    Cascade, Cascades, or Cascading may refer to:

    ContentsScience and technology Natural sciences
    • A waterfall or series of waterfalls
    • Cascade (upper case) a CRISPR-associated functional complex of DNA-targeting proteins
    Computer science
    • Cascading classifiers, a multistage classification scheme
    • CASCADE, an acronym for Computer Assisted Strain Construction and Development Engineering. it started as a biodefense program, it becomes useful in both computer science and biotech.
    • Cascade (software), a software configuration management tool suite
    • Cascading (software), an abstraction layer for Hadoop
    • Cascade virus, a computer virus
    • Cascade Server, a web content management system
    • Open Cascade, a software development company with head office in France

    • Cascade amplifier
    • Cascade (chemical engineering), a series of chemical processes
    • Cascade storage system for gasses
    • CASCADE Project, ICT for Energy Efficient Airports
    Places Australia
    • Cascade, Western Australia
    • Cascade, Norfolk Island, a site considered by some to be a settlement, in the Australian external territory of Norfolk Island
    • Cascades, Tasmania
    • One of the public housing estates in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong
    North America
    • Cascade Range, a mountain range on the west coast of North America
    • Cascades (ecoregion), a government-defined environment area
    Canada United States
    • Cascade, California
    • Cascade, Colorado
    • Cascade, Idaho
    • Cascade, Iowa
    • Cascade Township, Michigan
    • Cascade Township, Minnesota
    • Cascade, Missouri
    • Cascade, Montana
    • Cascade, Nebraska
    • Cascade, New Hampshire
    • Cascade Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
    • Cascade, Virginia
    • Cascade, Seattle, Washington
    • Cascade-Fairwood, Washington, a census-designated place in King County
    • Cascade, West Virginia
    • Cascade, Wisconsin
    • Cascade, Georgia, an area in southwest Atlanta
    Elsewhere Organizations
    • Cascade Brewery, a brewer
    • Cascade College, a school
    • Cascade Communications, a communications equipment manufacturer
    • Cascade Investments LLC, a financial company
    • Cascade Lacrosse, a sports manufacturer
    • Cascades (company), a paper pulp company
    • Cascade (band), a Japanese rock group
    • Cascade (Peter Murphy album), 1995 alternative rock recording
    • Cascade (Guy Manning album), 2001 progressive rock recording
    • "Cascade" (song), a 1993 electronica single by Future Sound of London
    • A song by Moving Mountains from the 2011 album Waves (Moving Mountains album)
    • An album by Scottish band Capercaillie (band)
    • An album by Irish band Abaddon Incarnate
    • Former name of the German dance group Cascada
    • Transa, a DJ duo
    • The Cascade, a newspaper
    • Cascade (juggling), a juggling pattern
    • Cascade (train), a railroad train
    • USS Cascade (AD-16), a ship
    • Cascade hops, an agricultural crop
    • Cascade (grape), a type of fruit
    • Jabot (window), a type of interior decor

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