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Benz may refer to

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  • Bertha Benz (1849–1944), German marketing entrepreneur who was the first to drive an automobile for a long distance, wife of Karl Benz
  • Derek Benz (b. 1971), American author of fantasy fiction for children
  • Julie Benz (b. 1972), American actress
  • Kafi Benz (b. 1941), American entrepreneur
  • Karl Benz (1848–1929), German engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur who built the first patented automobile in 1885
  • Maria Benz (1906–1946), the birth name of Nusch Éluard, German-born model who married Paul Éluard
  • Walter Benz (b. 1931), German mathematician known for his work on geometric planes
People who adopted the name Benz as a pseudonym
  • Nicky Benz, pseudonym for Nick Berk (b. 1980), American wrestler
  • Nikki Benz, pseudonym for Alla Montchak (b. 1981), Canadian actress and director
  • Spragga Benz, pseudonym for Carlton Grant (b. 1969), Jamaican deejay and musician
  • Municipalities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
    • Benz, Nordwestmecklenburg
    • Benz, Ostvorpommern or Benz (Usedom)
  • Benz (group), British band
  • benz (unit), for velocity
  • Benz plane, a geometrical object
  • Benz series, a series of paintings and drawings created by Lyonel Feininger
  • Abbreviated form of Benzo, a functional group in chemistry

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