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(Wikipedia) - is a libertarian website which says it is devoted to "non-interventionism" and that it opposes imperialism and war. It is a project of the Randolph Bourne Institute. The website states that it is "dedicated to building an awareness of the globalist and interventionist forces that would enslave us all in a New World Order on which the sun never sets."

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The site was founded in December 1995, as a response to the Bosnian war. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, operating under the auspices of the Randolph Bourne Institute, based in Atherton, California. It was previously affiliated with the Center for Libertarian Studies and functioned before that as an independent, ad-supported website.

In 2011 the site discovered it was being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After their Freedom of Information Act request failed to produce results, they worked with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California which in May 2013 filed a freedom of the press lawsuit for full FBI records on, Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo. The documents received in November 2013 indicated that the FBI in San Francisco, and later in Newark, New Jersey, began monitoring the site after Eric Garris passed along to the FBI a threat to hack the website. The FBI mistakenly took this as an actual threat against its own website and began monitoring and its editors. Eric Garris demanded the FBI correct its file.


The site’s first objective “was to fight against intervention in the Balkans under the Clinton presidency.” It “applied the same principles to Clinton''s campaigns in Haiti and Kosovo and bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan.” has consistently opposed all U.S. interventionism, from the bombing of Serbia to the present occupation of Afghanistan. It has also condemned aggressive military action and other forms of belligerence on the part of other governments, as well as what contributors view as the fiscal and civil liberties consequences of war. Wen Stephenson of The Atlantic described the site as marked by “a decidely right-wing cast of thought.” Its founders characterize themselves as libertarians, and the two principal co-founders were involved in libertarian Republican politics, at the time.

The site features many writers from across the political spectrum, including conservatives such as Pat Buchanan, libertarians such as Ron Paul, and leftists such as Noam Chomsky and Juan Cole.


Notable site personnel include

  • Justin Raimondo (founder and editorial director)
  • Eric Garris (founder, webmaster, and managing editor)
  • Scott Horton (assistant editor)
Notable contributors

Featured writers include:

  • Doug Bandow
  • Praful Bidwai
  • Alan Bock
  • Ivan Eland
  • Philip Giraldi
  • Aaron Glantz
  • Ran HaCohen
  • David R. Henderson
  • Justin Raimondo
  • Michael Scheuer
  • Joseph Stromberg

The site syndicates columns and op-eds by such authors as

  • Pat Buchanan
  • Kevin Carson
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Alexander Cockburn
  • Juan Cole
  • Jonathan Cook
  • Robert Fisk

Other contributors include:

  • Jeff Riggenbach
Antiwar Radio

Antiwar Radio is hosted by Scott Horton and others including Charles Goyette. It features interviews focused on war, international relations, the growth of state power, civil liberties, and related matters. Guests have included:

  • Larisa Alexandrovna
  • Mark Ames
  • Julian Assange
  • David T. Beito
  • James Bovard
  • Francis Boyle
  • David Bromwich
  • Patrick Cockburn
  • Juan Cole
  • Robert Dreyfuss
  • Jeff Frazee
  • Sibel Edmonds
  • Ivan Eland
  • Daniel Ellsberg
  • Philip Giraldi
  • Charles Goyette
  • Glenn Greenwald
  • William Norman Grigg
  • David R. Henderson
  • Nat Hentoff
  • Robert Higgs
  • Jacob Hornberger
  • Scott Horton
  • Dahr Jamail
  • Raed Jarrar
  • Karen Kwiatkowski
  • Jim Lobe
  • Trevor Lyman
  • Eric Margolis
  • Ray McGovern
  • Cole Miller
  • Brandon Neely
  • Robert Pape
  • Ron Paul
  • Gareth Porter
  • Sheldon Richman
  • Coleen Rowley
  • Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Michael Scheuer
  • Cindy Sheehan
  • Helen Thomas
  • Christina Tobin
  • Jesse Trentadue
  • Jesse Walker
  • Philip Weiss
  • Andy Worthington
  • Kevin Zeese
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According to Eric Margolis, “Americans would have been totally misled had it not been for the Internet sites like ‘;’ ‘CommonDreams’; LewRockwell; and Bigeye; and magazines like ‘American Conservative’ and Harpers.’ George Szamuely maintained in 2000 that “ now easily outshines the dreary foreign policy mags filled with the self-important vacuities of the Washington apparat.” is “a thoughtful, well-organized site,” according to the Washington Post’s Linton Weeks. Scott McConnell noted in the New York Press that was “strikingly successful” and “could claim more readers than Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard once the war began.”

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