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Ancient Mesopotamian Kingdom, north of Babylonia.Akkad was the northern division of ancient Babylonia (Sumer was the southern division). Its name was taken from the city of Agade, founded by the conqueror Sargon с 2300 BC. Sargon united the city-states in the region and extended the empire to much of Mesopotamia, including Sumer, Elam, and the upper Tigris. The empire waned in the 22nd century BC. The fall of the empire established by Sargon seems to have been as sudden as its rise, and little is known about the Gutian period. From the fall of Akkad ca. 2083 BC until the Sumerian renaissance ca. 2050 BC, there is much that is still dark.After the fall of the Akkadian Empire, the Akkadian people of Mesopotamia eventually founded new kingdoms, the most notable of these being Babylonia and Assyria, both of whom would ensure the continuity of Sumer-Akkadian culture.Under the kings of Akkad, their Semitic language, Akkadian, became a literary language, and great art was fostered. (Wikipedia) - Akkad

Akkad may refer to:

  • Akkad (city), the capital of the Akkadian Empire
  • Akkad, a region in southern Mesopotamia
  • Akkadian Empire, an ancient state in Mesopotamia
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