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Updated:Sunday 20th September 2009

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33Pol Definition

The 33Pol bridge was built during Shah Abbas I's reign under General Allahverdi Khan's supervision. After a decisive victory over Portugese army, Shah Abbas ordered building this bridge. Allahverdi Khan was originally an Armenian from Georgia who had converted to Islam and was very loyal to the Shah. Between 1600 and 1603 AD, the bridge that connected the upper and lower Chaharbagh was successfully completed with 40 watergates.The bridge is also known as 33 Cheshmeh, Charbagh, Jolfa and Zayanderood bridge. The structure is 295m long and 13.5m wide and is the longest bridge on the Zayanderood river. During Safavid dynasty every July, 4th (13 Teer) a special ceremony called Abrizan, Abrizgan or Abpashan took place on this bridge every year. The bridge was closed to motor vehicles in 1988, however motorcycles are still seen.

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