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Reuters Exposes Huawei's Deep Ties To Iran And Syria... 10/01/2019 Politics
by Tyler Durden Tue, 01/08/2019 - 13:54 Reuters reporters have been covering Huawei's business dealings in Iran for years, with reports about Huawei...View Details»

India Begins Paying For Iranian Oil In Rupees... 10/01/2019 Economy
by Tyler Durden Tue, 01/08/2019 - 22:25 Three months ago, in Mid-October, Subhash Chandra Garg, economic affairs secretary at India’s finance minist...View Details»

The EpiPen Scandal Is Worse Than You Think: What You’re Not Being Told... 28/08/2016 Health
by Tyler Durden Aug 27, 2016 11:10 AM The EpiPen is a useful device for individuals who suffer from severe allergies. So when news broke that Mylan, ...View Details»

More ISIS Oil Evidence Against Turkish President Erdogan ... 05/12/2015 Military
By ZeroHedge On Thursday, Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu said the following about Russia’s allegations that Turkey and more specifically, President Recep...View Details»

Russia Holds “De-Dollarization Meeting”: China, Iran Willing To Drop U... 14/05/2014 Economy
By Tyler Durden Global Research, May 14, 2014 That Russia has been pushing for trade arrangements that minimize the participation (and i...View Details»

And The World's "Most Powerful" Nation Is ... 06/04/2014 Economy
by Tyler Durden on 04/05/2014 In terms of economic might, BBVA has created an index of "world market power" enabling an at-a-glance view of a nation'...View Details»

The Sanctions War: Washington Threatens Russia Over “Petrodollar-Busti... 06/04/2014 Economy
By Tyler Durden Global Research, April 05, 2014 On the heels of Russia’s potential “holy grail” gas deal with China (2), the news of a Russia-Iran oil...View Details»

Who Is Going To Buy The US Debt If This War Causes China, Russia And T... 08/09/2013 News
by Tyler Durden Yesterday we implied a difficult question when we illustrated the huge size of US Treasury bond holdings that China and Russia have be...View Details»