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Hassan Rouhani proposes referendum to heal Iran's divisions ... 12/02/2018 Politics
Iranian president issues call for unity in speech to mark 39th anniversary of Islamic revolution *** Hassan Rouhani speaking at Azadi Square in Tehran...View Details»

Iranian judicial authorities attempt arrest of MP ... 29/11/2016 Politics
Mahmoud Sadeghi confronted by security officials over his scrutiny of financial conduct of judiciary chief By Saeed Kamali Dehghan Iran correspondent...View Details»

Can Iran Trust Russia? ... 04/05/2016 Politics
Ever since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has stated that the United States is Iran’s enemy that cannot ...View Details»

Where are the censors? Popular TV drama flouts Iran’s Islamic taboos ... 21/04/2016 Fun
*** © Amirhossein Shojaee, | Iranian TV series 'Shahrzad' features a love story set in the 1950s during the Shah era. Text by Leela...View Details»

Iran’s Identity Crisis | Foreign Policy... 06/10/2015 Politics
Both Washington and Tehran have insisted the nuclear deal won’t affect Iran’s political direction or the broader rivalry for power in the Middle East....View Details»

Iran Opposition Activist Free After Serving Term ... 23/05/2014 News
TEHRAN, Iran May 22, 2014 (AP) A semi-official Iranian news agency says a prominent opposition figure has left prison after serving his five-year sent...View Details»

Iran, From Enemy to Ally ... 10/12/2013 Politics
By DAVID PATRIKARAKOS LONDON — THE recent nuclear deal with Iran has caused a predictable furor among Middle East hawks. But it offers an opportunity ...View Details»

Iran: Don't blame us, blame our tea party - 08/11/2013 Politics
When Iranian hardliners draped Tehran with anti-US banners, Foreign Minister Zarif asked the world to understand that, like the US tea party, the grou...View Details»

Former Iran hostage crisis spokeswoman named VP - Las Vegas Sun News... 12/09/2013 News
(Parseed) - (Las Vegas Sun) The Associated Press Iran's president has named as vice president a hardliner-turned-reformer who was spokeswoman for ho...View Details»

Negareh: IRI Election Mirhossein Mousavi Zahra Rahnavard 2009.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Mirhossein Mousavi shows his finger after voting during the presidential Elections in 2009. His wife Zahra Rahnavard was active in his campaign. Prote...View Details»