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%20 OFF: Norooz Sale! Traditional Persian Carpet Money Purse... 30/03/2018 Commercial
Welcome to Norooz Sale on Artemisia Iran %20 OFF Carpetly Coin Purse , Jajim Design , Coin Bag , Persian handicrafts , Handcrafts ,Handmade Carpet Pa...View Details»

Sale!!! Traditional Iranian Shopping Bags Oriental Jajim Kilim Design... 10/10/2017 Commercial
Traditional Sack Production in Iran, Producer of Oriental Spacious Sacks With Pocket Shopping Bags with custom design, Traditional Sacks with company ...View Details»

Documenting Iran's Last Nomadic Peoples ... 16/12/2016 Culture
by Donnia Ghezlane-Lala Photographer Kares Le Roy’s practice is centralized round his travels, visiting the most isolated communities in the world. Le...View Details»

Introducting CEO: Artemisia Iranian Termeh & Gifts - Termeh Iran... 27/09/2015 Commercial
Accessory Bags ساک دسته دار تزئینی Artificial Leather چرم مصنوعی Artificial Leather Bag کیف چرمی مصنوعی Backpack کوله‌پشتی Bag and Pencil Case کیف و ج...View Details»

Khorramabad, an enchanting destination... 10/08/2015 Fun
Tehran, Aug 10, IRNA - With lush landscape in most places, the city of Khorramabad, in the western province of Lorestan, is an ideal summer destinati...View Details»

Persian/Iranian Carpet Mouse Pad Ilami... 10/05/2015 Commercial
Kilim Mouse Pad Ilam/Elamite Design An Introduction to the Ilam Carpet: Elam was an ancient country located in what is now southwestern Iran, at the h...View Details»

A Persian Rug in Your Kitchen?... 22/02/2015 Cuisine
February 22, 2015 by Ashley Trudeau Unless you’ve been on a Pinterest cleanse and abstaining from design magazines lately, you’ve no doubt seen a plet...View Details»

Kilim: Embodiment of Iranian art and culture... 17/09/2013 News
Kilim or rough hand-woven floor mat is one of the most distinguished embodiment of Iranian culture and art, which date back to the Parthian Period. O...View Details»

Negareh: Masouleh Teahouse Kilim.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
An oriental teahouse in the historical Masouleh village near Fouman adorn with colorful tribal Kilims, and hand-made pottery. Masouleh has an age of e...View Details»

Negareh: Masouleh Carpet Kilim Rugs.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
An oriental Carpet, Kilim and Rugs store in Masouleh. Products such as kilim (rug made of goat’s hair), Jajim (a carpet made of wool or cotton), Chamu...View Details»