IRANIAN EAGLES: History of Aviation in Persia/Iran... 16/05/2016 Auto
IRANIAN EAGLES Civil and Military Aviation in Iran 1924-1949 Part 1 © Lennart Andersson *** Two Junkers F 13s were acquired from the Soviet Union ...View Details»

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Negareh: Tehran Ghaleh Morghi Junkers.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Tehran Ghaleh Morghi Airbase 1923-1924. F13 Junkers were first airplanes sent to Iran. The man standing is Colonel Ahmad Khan Nakhjevan. These planes ...View Details»

Iran Asks Resumption Of Postal Flights... 23/02/1942 History
The German Junkers Company started operating in Iran since April, 1929 running Tehran-Mashhad postal services. Mutual cooperation expanded in time unt...View Details»

German Company Acquires Air Postal Concessions... 27/04/1929 History
On April, 27, 1929, Majlis approved a bill according to which the Minister of Post and Telegraph was authorized to award air transportation between Te...View Details»