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Against the odds, Louvre exhibition opens in Tehran in historic deal ... 06/03/2018 Arts
French museum became first cultural institution to secure ties with Islamic regime after sanctions lifted in 2016 Vincent Noce 5th March 2018 18:24 GM...View Details»

Calling Iranians “Descendants of the Magi” Is Actually a Compliment ... 15/09/2016 Politics
by Shireen T. Hunter Recently, the chief mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, said that Iranians are Majus. This is the Arab name for Iran’s Z...View Details»

‘Princeton’s Great Persian Book of Kings’ Review - WSJ... 18/11/2015 Arts
An exhibition helps us better understand the ‘art of the book,’ one of the most prized genres in Islamic societies. By Lee Lawrence Princeton, N.J. *...View Details»

'Sulh-E-Kul' - Artistic bridges of love from Persia | Business Standar... 25/02/2015 Arts
IANS | Mumbai February 25, 2015 Last Updated at 11:38 IST *** Box painted and decorated with Khatam kari marquetry, a typical kind of work in wood...View Details»

From Tehran to Turkey: An international journey by train | MSNBC... 03/02/2015 Fun
02/02/15 03:17 PM—Updated 02/02/15 03:18 PM By Elissa Curtis and Laurence Cornet “Salam. Do you have some salt?” When a shy man in his 30s poked his h...View Details»

10 Best Iranian Artists and Where to Find them... 11/11/2014 Arts
10 Best Iranian Artists and Where to Find them Iran has had a turbulent political history, but the country’s situation has not been an obstacle to the...View Details»

Long Before Emojis, the Picassos of Persian Calligraphy Brought Emotio... 16/09/2014 Arts
A Persian calligraphy that developed in 14th-century Iran, nasta'liq, is the focus of a new exhibition at the Sackler Gallery. The script in this work...View Details»

Qazvin hosts 3rd International Calligraphy Biennial ... 31/08/2014 Arts
The 3rd edition of International Calligraphy Biennial has been held in two competition and non-competition categories, in the Iranian city of Qazvin. ...View Details»

'A Thousand Years of the Persian Book' - WSJ... 24/06/2014 Arts
By Lee Lawrence June 23, 2014 6:28 p.m. ET Washington 'There is, in fact, no subject to which a Member of Congress may not have occasion to refer." ...View Details»

Uniting Iran and America in life and death: a tribute to Professor Ric... 30/03/2014 People
Many have tried to unite humanity through their life. Rare is the person who consciously seeks to bring unity through his/her death. Special is the hu...View Details»