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7,000-Year-Old Dwelling Unearthed in Iran ... 29/12/2017 History
TEHRAN, IRAN—The Tehran Times reports that dwellings at Nadali-Beig Hill in western Iran are estimated to be 7,000 years old. According to archaeologi...View Details»

Hasanlu Lovers: 2800 Years Old Kiss In Iran ... 20/11/2016 History
Love is stronger than time... The Hasanlu Lovers are human remains found by a team from the University of Pennsylvania led by Robert Dyson at the Tep...View Details»

Golden Bowl Hides a Grisly Archaeological Tale... 08/09/2014 History
By Megan Gannon, News Editor | September 08, 2014 In 1958, archaeologists were digging through the ruins of a burned Iron Age citadel called Hasa...View Details»