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%20 OFF: Norooz Sale! Traditional Persian Carpet Money Purse... 30/03/2018 Commercial
Welcome to Norooz Sale on Artemisia Iran %20 OFF Carpetly Coin Purse , Jajim Design , Coin Bag , Persian handicrafts , Handcrafts ,Handmade Carpet Pa...View Details»

Iran to Supply More Handmade Persian Rugs to US Despite Potential Trad... 06/02/2017 Import-Export
Iran will continue to supply handmade carpets to the United States despite the possible tightening of import rules by the new US Administration, accor...View Details»

Iran hopes to go on a Persian Carpet ride ... 26/03/2016 Economy
TAKESHI KUMON, Nikkei staff writer Customers check out made-in-Iran rugs at a bazaar in Tehran. TEHRAN -- Iran's traditional carpet industry is despe...View Details»

Introducting CEO: Artemisia Iranian Termeh & Gifts - Termeh Iran... 27/09/2015 Commercial
Accessory Bags ساک دسته دار تزئینی Artificial Leather چرم مصنوعی Artificial Leather Bag کیف چرمی مصنوعی Backpack کوله‌پشتی Bag and Pencil Case کیف و ج...View Details» Iran Through the Lense of Domiri ... 21/11/2014 Arts
By Mir Masood Hosseini Young Iranian photographer Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji is already a sensation on the internet after publishing dazzling photogra...View Details»

Persian carpets a labor of love - Kuwait Times... 24/10/2014 Arts
Paying KD 200,000 for a carpet may seem crazy to some but for many it’s an investment in a work of art that will last a lifetime. The price of a Persi...View Details»