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What China's New Deal with Iran Says About Its Ambitions in the Region... 29/07/2020 Politics
As long-simmering U.S.–China tensions come to the boil, a sweeping bilateral accord being negotiated between Beijing and Tehran is ringing alarms in W...View Details»

Iraq PM vows he 'won't allow threats' to Iran from Iraqi soil ... 22/07/2020 Politics
On Mustafa al-Kadhimi's visit, his first trip since taking office in May, he pledged to protect Iran from attacks. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kad...View Details»

Is Europe shifting towards the US on Iran? ... 29/09/2019 Politics
EU blames Iran for attacks on Saudi oil facilities, backs US call for talks on nuclear and regional security issues. by Maysam Behravesh The September...View Details»

Qatar needs a healthy, constructive relationship with Iran - Qatari F... 06/07/2017 Politics
Qatar's foreign minister said on Wednesday his country needed to have a healthy and constructive relationship with neighbouring Iran. Speaking in Lond...View Details»

Iran attacks expose security gaps, fuel regional tension ... 10/06/2017 Politics
By Parisa Hafezi | ANKARA When Islamic State called on members of Iran's Sunni Muslim minority in March to wage a religious war on their Shi'ite rule...View Details»

Discord in the Persian Gulf: Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood ... 28/05/2017 Politics
For a long time, Qatar has been facing accusations of being too closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamist groups. The US has...View Details»

John Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif named winners of the Chatham House... 27/10/2016 News
US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif have been voted as the winners of this year’s Chatham...View Details»

Iran calls on U.S. to reassure European banks over trade with Tehran -... 05/02/2016 Politics
By Guy Faulconbridge LONDON (Reuters) - Iran on Thursday called on the United States to make a clear public pledge that it would not penalize Europea...View Details»

Syria Central Banker Says Iran Weighs $1 Billion Credit Line - Bloombe... 06/05/2015 Economy
by Donna Abu-Nasr 2:46 PM IRDT May 5, 2015 Syria and Iran are discussing a second $1 billion credit line to prop up the government of President Basha...View Details»

Why Iran must remain a US enemy - Al Jazeera English... 05/05/2015 Politics
The most important factor in shaping US policy towards Iran is domestic politics - not Obama's own geopolitical vision. 04 May 2015 An anti-US mural p...View Details»