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When a Warrior Queen Took Down an Emperor ... 22/01/2017 History
By Carl Pettit The Daily DoseJAN 22 2017 When Queen Tomyris turned down the marriage proposal of Cyrus the Great, founder of the mighty Achaemenid Emp...View Details»

Santa Claus is coming to Tehran, Iran ... 25/12/2016 Culture
*** An Iranian boy dressed as Santa Claus outside a shop in the capital Tehran on December 24, 2016, on Christmas eve. TEHREAN, Iran (AFP) - Tehran ...View Details»

The Ancient Persian Courier Network ... 07/11/2016 History
November 07 18:36 2016 by Avinash Pudota The life of a courier involves a lot of driving, delivering large shipments and smaller packages and letters ...View Details»

Christmas in Iran 2015... 25/12/2015 Media
Iran is tipped to be a top tourist destination for 2016. Every year, the Iranian Christians celebrate the occasion by decorating Christmas Trees, exch...View Details»

Tabriz is home to one of the world’s most ancient Bibles... 20/11/2015 History
Tehran, Nov 20, IRNA – The most ancient handwritten edition of Acts of the Apostles is kept at Tabriz Central Public Library in East Azarbaijan. Beca...View Details»

Digs hint 40,000 yrs. of man life in Hawraman ... 24/06/2015 History
News ID: 2785625 - Tue 23 June 2015 - 14:31 Culture KERMANSHAH, Jun. 23 (MNA) – New archaeological findings in west of Iran suggest man life in the ...View Details»

ISIS Militants Destroy Iraq's Ancient Hatra City: Officials... 08/03/2015 History
By Ahmed Rasheed and Isabel Coles BAGHDAD/ERBIL,Iraq March 7 (Reuters) - Islamic State militants have destroyed ancient remains of the 2,000-year-old ...View Details»

Free Refrigerator Magnet: Embossed Achaemenid Soldier of Perspolis ... 28/02/2015 Commercial
Good News! A special Norooz Gift for all buyers. Limited edition of Embossed Achaemenid Soldier of Perspolis, souvenir from the glorious...View Details»

ISIS Destroys Second Largest Museum in Iraq | The Fiscal Times... 27/02/2015 Military
By Riyadh Mohammed, The Fiscal Times February 26, 2015 A few days after burning the Mosul Public Library, ISIS posted a video showing the destruction ...View Details»

Looking for Ethnicity in Iran... 17/02/2015 Culture
A lecture in English by Rasmus Christian Elling, Copenhagen University. Part of the UCLA CNES and Program of Iranian Studies Bilingual Lecture Series....View Details»