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Syria Pursuit of Soccer History Alive After Draw With Ally Iran ... 06/09/2017 Fun
*** Enjoy a carriage ride around Imam Square. Welcome to what could be the friendliest country on earth. Iran is the jewel in Islam's crown, combining...View Details»

Palaces of Ancient Persia Were Built with 'Fire Temple' Wood... 28/02/2017 History
By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor | February 27, 2017 *** Here, ruins of a Zoroastrian fire temple in Esfahan, Iran. Credit: aaabbbccc/Shu...View Details»

Persian film and food tasting night | Central Coast Community News... 19/02/2016 Cuisine
February 18, 2016 Each month a different cultural group of the Central Coast hosts a free film screening, food tasting, with various entertainment, ta...View Details»

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Iran's vice-president and the head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has recently given an interview to The Associated Press,...View Details»

Timeline of Iranian History from Ancient Persia to the Islamic Republi... 24/09/2015 History
Dynasty, Ruler or Event Begin End Birth of Zoroaster Sometime between 10th and 7th century BCE Achaemenian Dynasty Cyrus the Great 559 BCE 530 BCE F...View Details»

Sophist Kings: Persians as Others in Herodotus, by Vernon L. Provencal... 06/08/2015 Arts
Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones on the complex thesis emerging from a study of the Histories August 6 2015 By Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones Robert Graves’ poem The...View Details»

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By JASON LEMON ARTICLE AUTHOR Iranian singer Amitis Moghaddam – stage name Amitis – released a bizarre ancient Persian-themed music video on Monday fe...View Details»

Persian cuisine with fruits, nuts & spices is food fit for a Shah ... 28/12/2014 Cuisine
PUNE: India and Persia have a shared history. Mughals ruled over both these ancient countries for centuries and it is to the Mughals that we owe our l...View Details»

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By Michael J. Solender Posted: Friday, Dec. 05, 2014 For most Americans, visiting Iran doesn’t make it onto their vacation radar. Yet for me and my wi...View Details»

Persian Inventions... 25/07/2014 History
SYSTEMS AND WAY OF LIFE • Protocol and Etiquette- rules of respect, cultured civilization, of order and harmony of everyday life. • Human Rights – 576...View Details»