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Ancient Persian temple discovered in northern Turkey could rewrite rel... 07/11/2017 History
Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Persian temple from the fifth century B.C. in Turkey's northern Amasya province that could rewrite the histo...View Details»

Iran's Surprisingly Strong Geopolitical Hand ... 12/03/2017 Politics
By James M. Dorsey, March 12, 2017 Saudi Arabia’s King Salman hopes to exploit a window of opportunity while in Beijing to loosen China’s affiliations...View Details»

Iran Joins Georgia’s Caucasian Gas Circle | 20/02/2016 Economy
As the price of natural gas keeps declining, competition among Caspian Basin suppliers is picking up. *** BP's West Chirag platform is one of several ...View Details»

MotoDiscovery Returns to Ride Iran in 2016 - Motorcycle USA... 18/02/2016 Fun
Dana Handegard | February 17, 2016 n the spring of 2006, there was a palpable anxiety among the dozen American men and women, who after many months o...View Details»

A Persian Rug in Your Kitchen?... 22/02/2015 Cuisine
February 22, 2015 by Ashley Trudeau Unless you’ve been on a Pinterest cleanse and abstaining from design magazines lately, you’ve no doubt seen a plet...View Details»

Iran Proposes Transferring Azerbaijani Gas to Europe ... 01/02/2015 Import-Export
Iran Proposes Transferring Azerbaijani Gas to Europe / Sputnik International Iran is ready to transfer gas from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to Europe,...View Details»

Chowgun: Polo Then and Now - Armenian Weekly... 24/09/2014 Sports
By Mark Tashjian on September 23, 2014 in Featured, Headline, Special Reports A rumble as thousands of pounds of horses come racing down the field at...View Details»

Why Cheetahs Have Black Tear Marks? Rescuing Cheetahs ... 22/12/2013 Nature
By Suzanne Zimbler As fast as a cheetah. Whether it's describing a car, a computer or the best runner in the race, the comparison is made all the time...View Details»

Iranian Leopard killed in Turkey ANIMALS - Post-mortem reveals mystery... 19/11/2013 Nature
A leopard that was killed earlier this month in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır was Persian, not Anatolian as previously thought, according to...View Details»

Xerxes' Alliance With Carthage... 19/10/480BC History
Xerxes signs an alliance with Carthage in order to create a barrier against the Greek and keep them busy in far away battles. The Anatolian cities of ...View Details»