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7,000-Year-Old Dwelling Unearthed in Iran ... 29/12/2017 History
TEHRAN, IRAN—The Tehran Times reports that dwellings at Nadali-Beig Hill in western Iran are estimated to be 7,000 years old. According to archaeologi...View Details»

Ancient Persian temple discovered in northern Turkey could rewrite rel... 07/11/2017 History
Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Persian temple from the fifth century B.C. in Turkey's northern Amasya province that could rewrite the histo...View Details»

Iran's Most Wild and Beautiful Places ... 17/03/2017 Fun
By Gulnaz Khan 16 March 2017 Discover the breathtaking landscapes that make up this captivating nation. Iran is home to one of the oldest civilisatio...View Details»

Iraq: 2,400-year-old tomb and skeletons tell history of Achaemenid Emp... 12/01/2017 History
The tomb was also reused at a later stage, in the early Islamic Period. Léa Surugue By Léa Surugue January 12, 2017 13:25 GMT *** The tomb...View Details»

Negareh: Famous Persian Poet Saadi’s Bust at Park Mellat of Tehran... 07/06/2016 Media
Saadi (1184 - 1283) is one of the famous Persian poets of the medieval period. He is recognized not only for the quality of his writing, but also for ...View Details»

A Persian classical music night with Pharos - Cyprus Mail ... 17/03/2016 Fun
March 16th, 2016 Maria Gregoriou Entertainment, Main, What's On On Sunday the Pharos Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Iran, will ...View Details»

Baghdad calls on Ankara to 'immediately' withdraw troops - Yahoo News... 05/12/2015 Military
*** Peshmerga forces from Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region are deployed in the Bashiqa area northeast of Mosul, and Turkey's Anatolia news agency said...View Details»

Rumi on the Iran Deal... 26/08/2015 Politics
By Michael Krepon | 25 August 2015 Reading Jalaladdin Rumi is a diversionary summer-vacation tactic to keep at arm’s length Congressional debate over...View Details»

History of Iran: Safavid Empire 1502 - 1736... 18/02/2015 History
History of Iran Safavid Empire 1502 - 1736 By: Shapour Ghasemi After the disastrous invasion of Mongols, in the 1200s, migrated Turks and Mongolian t...View Details»

10 Discoveries Of Ancient Cultures Nearly Lost To History - Listverse... 08/02/2015 History
Heather Ramsey January 31, 2015 “Archaeology will always engage people because it’s putting a puzzle together,” says Shahina Farid of University Colle...View Details»