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From Khayyam to Mirzakhani: Iran's beautiful minds ... 24/07/2017 People
Both Omar Khayyam and Maryam Mizrakhani complicate the vision of their common homeland, Iran, in Western imagination. *** From the time that she achie...View Details»

Iranian math genius Mirzakhani passes away ... 15/07/2017 People
Late Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani Award-winning Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani has reportedly passed away due to cancer at a hospi...View Details»

American Musicians To Perform Works by Iranian Composers in Gesture of... 13/03/2017 Arts
By Laurie Niles March 12, 2017, 5:49 PM · In late January, after the first of the recent U.S. travel bans was signed, Los Angeles-based violist and vi...View Details»

Tehran Is A Poem — Art And Uncertainty In The Iranian Capital... 17/02/2016 Culture
By Fariba Hachtroudi (2016-02-15) TEHRAN — Repeating something Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic, said years ago — long before Iran'...View Details»

Timeline of Iranian History from Ancient Persia to the Islamic Republi... 24/09/2015 History
Dynasty, Ruler or Event Begin End Birth of Zoroaster Sometime between 10th and 7th century BCE Achaemenian Dynasty Cyrus the Great 559 BCE 530 BCE F...View Details»

Kermanshah city of unique monuments... 13/09/2015 Fun
Tehran, Sept 13, IRNA – City of Kermanshah, the center of Kermanshah province, is located in the middle of the western part of Iran. Situated between...View Details»

A walk through the old pastry shops of downtown Tehran ... 02/02/2015 Cuisine
Our correspondent follows her nose to some remnants of a bygone age *** Hans bakery, Tehran, Iran Photograph: The Tehran Bureau Tehran Bureau correspo...View Details»

U.S. Targets Iran U.S.-Banknote Buying Schemes, Tech Companies - Risk ... 31/12/2014 News
By Samuel Rubenfeld CONNECT Wall Street Journal The U.S. Treasury Department said Tuesday it placed sanctions on nine individuals and enti...View Details»

Happy Yalda, Merry Christmas ... 30/12/2014 Culture
Happy Yalda Night on December, 21st 2014; what’s this ancient Iranian tradition all about? By Mir Masood Hosseini Yalda Night is the longest night of...View Details»

SILK ROAD: exhibition of three contemporary photographers working out ... 04/10/2014 Arts
MLS027 - جاده ابريشم SILK ROAD May 15 - 31, 2014 Silk Road is an exhibition of three contemporary photographers working out of Iran: Jalal Sepehr, Tah...View Details»