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Top Poisoner of Pacific Is US Military ... 15/10/2020 Nature
by David Swanson Posted on October 15, 2020 “We’re number one!” The United States famously fails to actually lead the world in anything desirable, bu...View Details»

Hypocrisy towards Iran over International Treaties and Agreements ... 30/05/2019 Politics
Western countries and Russia, and to a lesser degree China, have taken advantage of weaker countries and abused their power because they have nuclear ...View Details»

10 Top Corporate Criminals of 2018 ... 20/05/2019 Politics
Each year, Global Exchange releases a “Top Corporate Criminals” list to highlight some of the world’s corporate worst-of-the-worst on issues like viol...View Details»

It’s not just Hiroshima: The many other things America hasn’t apologiz... 26/05/2016 Military
By Adam Taylor May 26 at 2:00 AM *** The gutted Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall is seen after the atomic bombing of the city on Aug. 6...View Details»

US and UK War Crimes: Agent Orange ... 21/02/2015 Military
*** American and British Armies' War Crimes: Agent Orange Agent Orange — or Herbicide Orange (HO) — is one of the herbicides and defoliants used by ...View Details»

A lasting ghost of the Vietnam War... 17/02/2015 Military
*** uly 26, 1969. A UH-1D helicopter from the U.S. Army’s 336th Aviation Company sprays a defoliation agent on a dense jungle area in the Mekong Delta...View Details»

Sailors on old warship dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste f... 23/12/2013 Military
William R. Levesque, Times Staff Writer They asked the dying Pasco County man about his Navy service a half-century before. He kept talking about the ...View Details»

Crimes against Humanity: Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free? |... 16/11/2013 Military
By Andy Piascik Global Research, November 15, 2013 Two months ago, hundreds of thousands of Chileans somberly marked the 40th anniversary of their nat...View Details»

US Government Refuses to Compensate Victims of Chemical Weapons in Vie... 10/09/2013 News
By JG Vibes September 9, 2013 From 1961 to 1971, approximately 19 million gallons of chemical agents including Agent Orange, were spra...View Details»

John Kerry: Arab Countries Have Offered to Pay the “Full Cost” of Amer... 07/09/2013 News
By Matthias Chang The US military by the admission of Secretary of State John Kerry is for sale and can do the bidding of any state willing to pay ...View Details»