Health campaign: "Drink Water, Live Longer"

Health campaign: "Drink Water, Live Longer" ... 18/04/2017 Health

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This health campaign focuses on getting WVU students to drink more water. We want students to know the benefits of water in the long run, and also how it can benefit them right now eg. prevent hangovers, control calories and make their skin look good.
Andy Liu, Amanda El-Ghoul, Louise Mie Dunk Hansen and Nicholas Oyerly COMM 203, Dana Borzea Health Campaign Oct. 20, 2016
“Drink Water, Live Longer”
Describing the problem:
Have you felt thirsty today? Did you know that by the time you experience that thirst, you are already dehydrated? 75 % of all Americans are currently dehydrated, and in the long run, it can lead to serious complications such as blood clots and seizures. Health authorities commonly recommend that people drink eight glasses of water each day, but we do not think there is enough focus on the importance of drinking water, and how it can benefit you.
Our goal:
Our main goal is to aspire students to acquire good drinking habits in an early age, so they can continue with them for the rest of their lives. Students should already incorporate drinking water into their daily routine now. Our campaign is trying to convince more students to do so by focusing on all the benefits drinking water has to offer. WVU students do not think that not drinking enough water and the negative repercussions of that will include high enough perceived susceptibility and perceived severity for them. It is a claim of fact that water keeps you healthy and does not have any side effects. Drinking water will therefore only include perceived benefits and not any perceived barriers. In addition to that,

our campaign and the overall message could be within the latitude of acceptance; it is only a small life change without any side effects. Our mission is to increase students’ knowledge about how easy they can get water. There are water fountains and rapid water bottle filling stations all around campus, which makes it accessible for students to get cold water any time of the day. Our campaign is trying to make an everlasting change; if you should be able to live longer, you should drink more water.
Target audience:
Our target audience is students between the ages of 18-25. Of course, students prioritize differently in their lives, but overall there might be some similarities for what students in this age group consider as a priority. It might be partying, looking good and staying healthy, and those things happen to be some of the benefits of water. Students may not know that drinking water can help them control calories, make their skin look good, and prevent hangovers.

The specific message:
We want to make a label with the words “Drink Water, Live Longer” on water bottles and pass
those out around campus. The label will include certain facts about the benefits of water, which hopefully can make students think about water’s relevance to them.

We try to appeal to our target audience in an educating way; educating them about the topic and hoping that they will use their knowledge in their everyday life. As we said earlier, we will overall try to motivate students to a change based on other needs such as looking good or staying healthy. We hope that students will carry the water bottle with the label around campus both as a reminder for themselves, but also to spread the word about living longer by drinking water.
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