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Divdastian (Sajian) Uprising... 28/05/879 History
Iran's independence from Caliph rulers did not come easy. Right after people understood that all slogans of brotherhood and justice shouted by Arab in...View Details»

Erivan Liberated... 28/05/1604 History
After liberation of Tabriz in 1603, Shah Abbas marched north to liberate rest of Greater Azarbaijan which was under Ottoman occupation since his grand...View Details»

Genocide of indigenous peoples: Indian Removal Act ... 28/05/1830 History
The Indian Removal Act was signed into law on May 28, 1830, by United States President Andrew Jackson. The law authorized the president to negotiate w...View Details»

Treaty of Gandamak: Creation of Afghanistan and the British Raj ... 28/05/1879 History
The Treaty of Gandamak officially ended the first phase of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Mohammad Yaqub Khan ceded various frontier areas to Britain wh...View Details»

The Infamous D'Arcy Agreement Signed... 28/05/1901 History
Mozaffaroddin Shah, Aminoddoleh and Moshiroddoleh were three genius Iranians who signed the famous D'Arcy agreement that recognized exclusive drilling...View Details»

Majlis Ratifies New Oil Agreement... 28/05/1933 History
The attempt to revise the terms of the oil concession towards a fair basis for Iran led to long negotiations that took place between Abdolhossein Teim...View Details»

First Iranian Pumped Storage Power Plant Inaugurated in Siah Bisheh ... 28/05/2013 News
Tricolor Power Photo: Decorating mountains with national flag Siah-Bisheh dam is a unique project; it's the first Iranian Pumped Storage Power Plant b...View Details»

MERS virus spreads to Iran ... 28/05/2014 Health
Iranian officials say they have confirmed the country's first two cases of MERS, a deadly virus first reported two years ago in Saudi Arabia, its neig...View Details»

15 ministries, organizations tasked to fight air pollution in Iran ... 28/05/2014 Health
TEHRAN - 15 organizations and ministries are tasked to fight air pollution, IRNA reported on Tuesday. The plan, approved at a meeting of the cabinet...View Details»

“Gulliver's experience” can come true in Iran’s dwarf city ... 28/05/2014 Science
Iranian ancient village in the south of Khorasan province, known as Makhunik, has astonished many people who are fond of visiting a real dwarf city. ...View Details»