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Intaphrenes Takes Back Babylon... 27/11/521BC History
Intaphrenes who was one of the noblemen that assisted Dariush in ascending to the throne was sent with an army to Babylon to suppress the uprising sta...View Details»

Karimkhan Zand Rejects Russia's Alliance Offer... 27/11/1770 History
Karimkhan Zand accepts five envoys delivering Russian Tsar's message with the news that Russian naval forces had just defeated the Ottomans. The envoy...View Details»

MTN Kicks Turkcell Out... 27/11/2005 History
As a step towards privatization of Iran's ailing state owned economy, PTT was on top of the list and measures for a second GSM operator were taken in ...View Details»

Earthquake Kills 13 in Qeshm Island... 27/11/2005 History
(Wikipedia) - The 2005 Qeshm earthquake was a powerful earthquake that occurred on November 27, 2005, at 13:52 local time just west of a sparsely popu...View Details»