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Ardeshir 3. Died... 27/04/630 History
Ardeshir 3 died when he was only 9 years old in mysterious way. It was the time of all kinds of conspiracy in the Sassanid royal family. People were c...View Details»

Alparslan Ascends The Throne... 27/04/1064 History
After his uncle Toghrol died, he contested his brother Soleyman and ascended the throne. Alparslan was the son of Chaghri Beyk, the governor of Khoras...View Details»

German Company Acquires Air Postal Concessions... 27/04/1929 History
On April, 27, 1929, Majlis approved a bill according to which the Minister of Post and Telegraph was authorized to award air transportation between Te...View Details»

Amnesty International Condemns Iran Executions... 27/04/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - In 2011, Iran is on course for a record year in executions. In 2010, according to Amnesty International, 253 people were executed, thoug...View Details»

Iran Welcomes Reconciliation between Hamas, Fatah ... 27/04/2014 Politics
TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s foreign ministry on Saturday welcomed a reconciliation pact agreed between the Palestinian groups, Fatah and Hamas, saying Te...View Details»

Iran celebrates Radio 74th birth anniversary ... 27/04/2014 History
TEHRAN, April 26 (MNA) – Iran has celebrated radio’s 74th birth anniversary in the country on April 24. The first radio to broadcast in Iran, Tehran ...View Details»

Zarif, UNESCO chief unveil Iran historical maps ... 27/04/2014 History
TEHRAN, April 26 (MNA) – Iran’s FM and UNESCO director-general have met Saturday morning in Tehran and unveiled Iran's historical maps. Mohammad Java...View Details»

Iran offers Wind Towers to UNESCO ... 27/04/2014 History
Iran has presented the historical structure of Wind Towers file to the UNESCO for a possible inscription on the World Heritage list of the organizat...View Details»

Sheikh Issa Qassem: Bahrain Regime Declares War on Shias ... 27/04/2014 Military
Leading Bahraini cleric Sheikh Issa Qassem said that ruling Al Khalifa has officially declared a war on the Shia faith by expelling Ayatollah Sheikh H...View Details»

King Abdullah’s Daughter Calls for Uprising in Saudi Arabia ... 27/04/2014 Military
Saudi princess called on people across the kingdom to rise against the ruling regime, as she greeted the martyrs and prisoners in Al Saud jails. The ...View Details»