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Cambyses Attends Akitu Festival... 27/03/538BC History
The Chronicle of Nabonidus, states:that prince Cambyses, son of Cyrus The Great attended the Akitu festival which was an important ceremony for Babylo...View Details»

The End Of Cold War Between Iran And USSR... 27/03/1962 History
Just 2 years before, on March, 27, 1960 media wars had begun between USSR and Iran. After Iran's alliance with the west and becoming close friends wit...View Details»

Princess Leyla Pahlavi Is Born... 27/03/1970 History
Born to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 50, the Shah of Iran, and Queen Farah, 31, on March, 27, 1970, Princess Leyla Pahlavi made the headlines as the fourth c...View Details»

Rouhani in Kabul for Norouz intl. festivity ... 27/03/2014 History
TEHRAN, March 27 (MNA) – Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has arrived in Afghanistan’s capital to attend the 4th international celebration of Norouz. ...View Details»

Argentina President Kirchner cleared of Iran cover-up ... 27/03/2015 History
An appeals court has upheld a former ruling dismissing a case against President Cristina Kirchner and her aides. They have now been cleared of coverin...View Details»