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The Delos Alliance... 23/04/478BC History
The leaders of Athens and the Greek Islands sign an alliance treaty to form a united front against the only super power of the time; namely the Persia...View Details»

Red Army Says Farewell!... 23/04/1946 History
(NLAI) - On April, 23, 1946, a goodbye letter from the military command of the Soviet Union officially ended the occupation of parts of Iran by the Re...View Details»

The Speech That Cost Nearly a Billion Dollars ... 23/04/1991 History
On 23 April 1991 Gerald Irving Ratner achieved notoriety after making a speech in which he jokingly denigrated the company's products, which caused th...View Details»

Iran's divorce rate rising ... 23/04/2014 News
More than one in five marriages in Iran ended in divorce last year - despite the government's push for more couples to wed and have children to revers...View Details»

Persian kitten rescued from Lebanon VA Medical Center up for adoption ... 23/04/2014 Nature
Lebanon Daily News 04/22/2014 Dori, a Persian kitten that was rescued from a veteran's midsized sedan at the Lebanon VA Medical Center in March will...View Details»

Iran denies role in Bahrain unrest, urges respect for human rights ... 23/04/2014 News
REUTERS APR. 22, 2014 DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran denied any role in the violent unrest affecting neighboring Bahrain, accusing Manama of looking for a sca...View Details»

Sides Getting Closer, But There's Still No Deal On Iran ... 23/04/2014 Politics
By DAVID IGNATIUS As the Iran nuclear talks reach roughly the halfway point in the six-month timetable for negotiating a comprehensive agreement, both...View Details»

Debunking the Iran-North Korea Nuclear Axis Myth ... 23/04/2014 Politics
A new report from a congressional think tank casts further doubt on alleged Iranian-North Korean nuclear cooperation. By Zachary Keck April 23, 2014 T...View Details»

IMPORT of LNG from QATAR and power from IRAN approved by PAKISTAN'S go... 23/04/2014 Economy
April 22, 2014 The federal cabinet met with the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, and approved the import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Qat...View Details»

Persian Festival / North Carolina ... 23/04/2014 Culture
The Iranian Cultural Society of North Carolina proudly presents its Fourth Annual North Carolina Persian Festival. The 2014 North Carolina Persian Fe...View Details»