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Sayed Morad Proclaims Shah Of Persia... 23/01/1789 History
Right after the murder of Jafar Khan on Jan, 23, 1789, Sayed Morad Khan ascended the Zand throne as the 8th king of the Zand Dynasty. Morad was a neph...View Details»

British Forces Capture Bushehr... 23/01/1857 History
After several days of heroic resistance, British forces seized the Bushehr seaport which was strategically important. The city and its surroundings ha...View Details»

Iran–Turkey Sign Non-aggression Treaty... 23/01/1932 History
On January 23, 1932 the first definitive frontier treaty between Turkey and Iran; the Iran–Turkey Non-aggression Treaty was signed in Tehran. It shoul...View Details»

Russians Force Iran To Unfair Treaty... 23/01/1943 History
Iran was under occupation of Allied Powers since Aug, 25, 1941. Although the Red Army had confiscated most weapons and ammunition belonging to the Ir...View Details»

Iran 's Heavyweight Absence Hangs Over Syria Talks ... 23/01/2014 Politics
MONTREUX, Switzerland January 23, 2014 By ZEINA KARAM and LEE KEATH Associated Press It's the regional heavyweight that few want at the table, but wi...View Details»

Iran lures oil majors with new contracts pledge| Reuters... 23/01/2014 Economy
By Dmitry Zhdannikov DAVOS, Switzerland Thu Jan 23, 2014 (Reuters) - Iran will have a new, attractive investment model for oil contracts by September,...View Details»

Iran president Hassan Rouhani calls for “free and fair elections in Sy... 23/01/2014 Politics
DAVOS, Switzerland -- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for free and fair elections in Syria, saying it would respect any outcome. Rouhani ...View Details»

Iran foreign minister: No dismantling - Lucy McCalmont - 23/01/2014 News
By LUCY MCCALMONT | 1/23/14 7:00 AM EST Iranian’s foreign minister said the U.S. misrepresents the six-month nuclear agreement reached in November a...View Details»

SHOPPING FINDS / Your name in Persian, in gold - The Japan News... 23/01/2014 Culture
Keigo Sakai / The Yomiuri ShimbunTEHRAN—Shadras Handmade Jewelry is a shop in Tehran that crafts custom necklaces and earrings that feature clients’ o...View Details»

Yes, Ban Ki-moon Is America’s Poodle ... 23/01/2014 Politics
This week, Washington grasped that Ban Ki-moon might be a bit of a chump. The United Nations secretary-general, despite his seven years on the job and...View Details»