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Earthquake Destroys Neishabour... 22/11/1267 History
A very strong earthquake jolts the historical city of Neishabour and destroys it totally leaving many dead and wounded. The city was rebuilt in three...View Details»

War Inherited From Sultan Ahmet... 22/11/1617 History
Sultan Ahmet Khan of the Ottoman Empire died on Nov, 22, 1617 shortly after appointing Khalil Pasha as the Grand Vezir of the Ottoman court who had ga...View Details»

13 Year Old Becomes Last Qajar King... 22/11/1909 History
After 5 months of political chaos, the high council of the constitutional monarchy stripped Mohammad Ali Shah off his powers as king due to his neglig...View Details»

Mohammad Reza Shah Marries Farah... 22/11/1959 History
After Mohammad Reza Shah's first two wives could not give him a son, he marries his third wife; Farah Diba. Shah's marriage to his first wife Fouziye...View Details»

US Arms Deal With Iran Revealed... 22/11/1986 History
U.S. Department of Justice announces finding memo in Colonel Oliver North's office that proves money transfer of $12 million to Nicaragua contra gueri...View Details»

European Envoys Back In Tehran... 22/11/1997 History
EU members withdrew their envoys in April, 1997 after a German court implicated some Iranian officials in the killing of four Kurdish dissidents at a ...View Details»

Assassination Of Dariush Forouhar... 22/11/1998 History
Dariush Forouhar,70 and his wife Parvaneh, 56 were violently murdered in their home in Hedayat Street of Tehran. Forouhar was a well known nationalist...View Details»

Colorado store makes history as first to offer recreational marijuana ... 22/11/2013 Health
A small store in Central City, Colorado has made history by becoming the first establishment in the US to be granted a license to sell recreational ma...View Details»

Hezbollah Calls For Calm After Iranian Embassy Bombing - Carbonated.TV... 22/11/2013 News
A Hezbollah leader appealed for calm on Wednesday and an easing of sectarian tensions in Lebanon, a day after twin suicide bombings struck the Irania...View Details»

Iranian University Students Form Human Chain near Fordo N. Site Farsne... 22/11/2013 Economy
TEHRAN (FNA)- A large number of Iranian university students accompanied by Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi form...View Details»