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Hormoz Island Liberated... 22/04/1622 History
A few years after 1498 when Vasco da Gama travelled from Portugal to India, Alfonso Albuquerque visited the Hormoz Island in 1507 and offered protecti...View Details»

Iran-Turkey Sign Friendship Treaty... 22/04/1926 History
Imperial government of Iran and Republic of Turkey signed a friendship and security treaty on April, 22, 1926. The treaty which was arranged in eleven...View Details»

Iran claims expertise in deepwater exploration ... 22/04/2014 Science
By Daniel J. Graeber | April 21, 2014 TEHRAN, April 21 (UPI) -- Iran is the only member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries that...View Details»

Iran admits nuclear agency reshuffle to pave way for 5+1 talks ... 22/04/2014 News
By Mehrdad Balali DUBAI Mon Apr 21, 2014 (Reuters) - President Hassan Rouhani's government confirmed rumors on Monday it had reshuffled the leadership...View Details»

Antagonising Iran: A strategic miscalculation? ... 22/04/2014 Politics
How the 'crippling sanctions' policy has started to cripple the tormentor. 22 Apr 2014 by Seyed Mohammad Marandi Even though it was a major exporter o...View Details»

Dutch-Persians Commemorate "Ordibeheshtgan" ... 22/04/2014 Culture
By Pejman Akbarzadeh (source: PDN* ) Today, 22 April (2n...View Details»

Japan's maglev train sets world record: 603 kph - 22/04/2015 Auto
By Wilfred Chan, CNN Tokyo (CNN)It's a bird -- It's a plane -- It's an insanely fast Japanese bullet train. A Japan Railway maglev train hit 603 kilom...View Details»

Sotheby's 'perfect' 100-carat diamond sells for $22M - 22/04/2015 Economy
By Allyssia Alleyne, CNN (CNN)A "perfect" diamond said to be so large that it draws awe-struck people across a room has sold for $22 million at a Sot...View Details»

Iran and I: Falling in love with my homeland that was never my home... 22/04/2015 Culture
By Alma Bahman My mother's voice was strained on the other end of the telephone. In fact, she was terrified. She had asked me thousands of times not...View Details»

Iran welcomes halt to Saudi-led military operation in Yemen... 22/04/2015 Military
Iran has welcomed Saudi Arabia's halt to its aerial campaign against Yemen, expressing hope that a national dialog among Yemeni parties would resume....View Details»