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Treaty of Akhal: Russian Annexation Of Khwarazm ... 21/09/1881 History
Treaty of Akhal The Treaty of Akhal was a treaty signed by Persian Empire Iran and Imperial Russia on September 21, 1881. The treaty marked Persia's ...View Details»

White Bridge of Ahvaz Completed... 21/09/1936 History
The Ahvaz Bridge later called the White Bridge was officially inaugurated on Sep, 21, 1936. Iran was at the age of infrastructural progress under the ...View Details»

Foroughi Becomes Prime Minister Again... 21/09/1941 History
After Mansour's resignation, Foroughi was appointed Prime Minister on Aug, 27, 1941. However, after Reza Shah resigned on Sep, 16th, he submitted his ...View Details»

U.S. Attacks Iranian Ship... 21/09/1987 History
In a clear move to protect Saddam's regime from losing the war, U.S. navy staged some attacks on Iranian oil platforms and ships in the Persian Gulf. ...View Details»

Cyberwar on Iran more widespread than first thought, say researchers |... 21/09/2012 Science
Study of Flame malware used in Middle East and north Africa reveals programmers probably had national backing Peter Beaumont The Guardian, Fr...View Details»

The Key To Cat Happiness: Sonboltib!... 21/09/2013 News
Sonbolotteyb AKA Valerian (herb) or Sonbol-tib (Valerian root, Sonbolottif, Alaf-e Gorbeh: Kitty Weed) is a medicinal herb that Iranians usually brew ...View Details»

U.S. says open for Iran talks based on 'mutual respect'| Reuters... 21/09/2013 News
By Roberta Rampton and Jeff Mason WASHINGTON | Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:10pm EDT (Reuters) - The United States is ready to engage in talks "on the basis o...View Details»

Brazil's President Postpones Visit to U.S. Due to NSA Spying : Politic... 21/09/2013 News
By Jessica Michele Herring | First Posted: Sep 19, 2013 09:41 AM EDT Revelations about National Security Agency spying has elicited the ire of forei...View Details»

‘US airspace denial for Maduro is payback for offering asylum to Snowd... 21/09/2013 News
The US denying the Venezuelan president the right to fly over Puerto-Rico is an insulting juvenile escapade and yet another example of the incredible ...View Details»

Venezuela: U.S. denied airspace permission to presidential plane - CNN... 21/09/2013 News
(CNN) -- Venezuela accused the United States on Thursday of denying President Nicolas Maduro's plane permission to enter U.S. airspace -- a claim that...View Details»