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Khashtrita Founds Medes Kingdom... 21/03/678BC History
After the death of Phraortes, his son Khashtrita gathers many tribal leaders during Norooz celebrations and declares himself king of kings. This unity...View Details»

Special Gold Coins For Norooz... 21/03/416BC History
Iranians have been celebrating Norooz for more than 3000 years, making Norooz the oldest national ceremony in the world. On this occasion Dariush 2 is...View Details»

Christians Free To Practice... 21/03/399 History
A group of Christians missionaries succeeded to meet with the king Yazdgerd I asking for freedom to practice their religion. Because of the occasion (...View Details»

Sari Becomes Qajar Capital... 21/03/1782 History
The turmoil that followed the death of Karim Khan Zand swept through Iran and every tribal leader proclaimed king. Among these, a Qajar ruler eunuch A...View Details»

Agha Mohammad Khan Becomes King... 21/03/1795 History
The coronation ceremony of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, from a Mongol descent took place in Tehran. After defeating Ghafour Khan, the Zand governor, he p...View Details»

Homecoming For Googoosh... 21/03/2001 History
Iran's most famous female pop star made her first appearance in Dubai after more than 20 years. About 30,000 people, most flying in from Iran attended...View Details»

Iran Marks Persian New Year With a Looming Economic Crisis ... 21/03/2014 Politics
Kay Armin Serjoie / Tehran and Karl Vick @karl_vick March 20, 2014 This Friday, on the day Iranians celebrate Nowruz, or Persian New Year, Iran's gov...View Details»

EU sees big gaps in nuclear talks but Iran 'commitment' to deal ... 21/03/2014 News
By Fredrik Dahl VIENNA Thu Mar 20, 2014 (Reuters) - Positions between Iran and world powers diverge widely in some areas but Iranian negotiators seem ...View Details»

Bahrain says it wants to mend fences with Iran ... 21/03/2014 Politics
By Baqir Sajjad Syed ISLAMABAD: In an obvious reference to Iran, Bahrain said on Thursday that it expected Pakistan to have a moderating effect on M...View Details»

Twitter joins in celebrations of Nowruz, the Persian New Year ... 21/03/2014 Culture
Pack away your coats, leg-warmers, and boots. Spring season is knocking on our doors! But no-one welcomes the beginning of spring quite like the Persi...View Details»