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Caliph Osman Killed By Mojahedin... 20/06/656 History
A group of 2000 Muslims calling themselves Mojahedin revolted against the third of the Rashedin Caliph and killed Osman on June, 20, 656. His body was...View Details»

Ibrahim Mirza Killed... 20/06/1576 History
The royal palace in Qazvin became scene of heinous conspiracies of a Safavi princess named Parikhan. She was the daughter of Shah Tahmasp and allegedl...View Details»

Iranian Flag Waving On Abadan Refinery... 20/06/1951 History
In July, 1951, Mosaddegh sent a committee of five (including four National Front deputies) created by Majlis to Khuzestan to take over the oil install...View Details»

Bomb Explosion In Imam Reza Shrine... 20/06/1994 History
A bomb exploded at the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad killing 24 and injuring another 70 persons. The bomb went off in a prayer hall of the shrine during...View Details»

Neda Brutally Murdered In Protests... 20/06/2009 History
The footage of the death of a 26 year old Iranian girl; Neda Agha Soltan drew international attention after she was killed during the 2009 Iranian ele...View Details»

World Cup 2014: How 'Team Melli' has changed Iran's image - Telegraph... 20/06/2014 Sports
By Jeremy Wilson, in Sao Paulo 6:59PM BST 19 Jun 2014 The loud belly laughs emanating from the Sao Paulo training base of the Iran national team are ...View Details»

Local author Vahid Imani shares Persian culture and scientific discove... 20/06/2014 Culture
BY JOE PAYNE Right on the westernmost tip of the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East is Iran, the epicenter of Persian people and culture. The region ...View Details»

Mystery Surrounding Lost Army of Persian King Cambyses II May Have Bee... 20/06/2014 History
Jun 19, 2014 by Enrico de Lazaro Prof Olaf Kaper, an archaeologist at Leiden University in the Netherlands, believes he may have solved one of the gre...View Details»

Persian Gulf Arab monarchies fear ISIL blowback ... 20/06/2014 Military
Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Persian Gulf monarchies fear that the Takfiri terrorists they have long financed in Syria and Iraq may turn against th...View Details»

From pea-shoots to Persian Cress, British diners are sampling ever mor... 20/06/2014 Cuisine
Clare Hargreaves Thursday 19 June 2014 When I was a child, "salad" meant a limp leaf or two of Webb's Wonder lettuce, whose chief selling point was ...View Details»