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Abu Muslim Uprising... 19/06/747 History
Abu Muslim was the messenger of Ebrahim Imam. He delivered his letters and preached his teachings in Khorasan. Abbasi Caliph Marwan became suspicious ...View Details»

Hassan Sabbah Dies... 19/06/1124 History
The darkest days of the Iranian history is associated with the Turkic tribal invasions, not only because of misery inflicted on citizens but also due ...View Details»

Shah Abbas Meets Shirley Brothers... 19/06/1598 History
English fortune hunters, the Shirley brothers met with Shah Abbas of Safavi dynasty in Qazvin, Iran's capital. Shah Abbas was seeking to modernize the...View Details»

Abolfath Khan Ascends Zand Throne... 19/06/1779 History
Following Zaki Khan's sudden death, on June 19, 1779 Abolfath Khan became the sole ruler of Persia. He was a son of Karimkhan and there seemed to be n...View Details»

Forgotten History: The First Movie and the Scientific Question It Soug... 19/06/1878 History
April 28, 2017 Matt Blitz The first films were little more than what we would consider short clips, a boxer throwing a single punch or train arrivin...View Details»

CIA Agent Kermit Creeps In... 19/06/1953 History
The CIA agent Kim Roosevelt (Kermit) is a less known figure in Iranian history compared to his great role in Operation TP-AJAX. Kim was the coordinato...View Details»

Iraq Official Says Iran's Military Mastermind Is In Charge - Yahoo Fin... 19/06/2014 Military
By Armin Rosen Fars News A former CIA operative described Qassem Suleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Force, as the “most powerful operative in the M...View Details»

Football - Iran need miracle to beat Argentina says coach - Yahoo Euro... 19/06/2014 Sports
The two sides meet in Belo Horizonte on Saturday with a lopsided victory for the twice champion South Americans the only result expected against the l...View Details»

New Delhi to pay Tehran $1.6 bn on Iran-West detente ... 19/06/2014 Economy
Amitav Ranjan | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 19 2014, 02:20 IST In an open display of conciliation with Iran to fend off the Iraq crisis, the US and the E...View Details»

No plan for mobile social networks blocking ... 19/06/2014 Science
TEHRAN, June 18 (MNA) – A member of Committee for Determining Examples of Criminal Web Content has said the Committee has no plan to filter the social...View Details»