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Ancient Inscriptions Decoded... 16/11/1846 History
Sir Henry C.Rawlinson finally succeeded in reading and translating stone curved Behistun Inscription. Before him Grotenfend had made such an attempt b...View Details»

Shah Meets Carter In Washington... 16/11/1977 History
Mohammad Reza Shah met with the U.S. President Jimmy Carter at the white house. The Israel issue was at the top of Carter's agenda. Shah was asked to ...View Details»

Survivor Account of the Iranian Rock Band The Yellow Dogs Shooting ... 16/11/2013 Arts
Survivor of Shooting Rampage Recalls Struggle With Killer Pooya Hosseini, who fought off a former bandmate who had already killed three men, speaking ...View Details»

Obama Says U.S. Loses Nothing by Waiting on Iran Sanctions - Bloomberg... 16/11/2013 Politics
By Margaret Talev & Terry Atlas - Nov 15, 2013 8:44 PM GMT+0330 U.S. President Barack Obama argued for offering Iran “modest” relief on sanctions in e...View Details»

MIDEAST - Iran halts nuclear capacity expansion under Rouhani, IAEA re... 16/11/2013 Economy
Iran has virtually halted a previously rapid expansion of its uranium enrichment capacity in the past three months, the U.N. nuclear agency said in a ...View Details»

Belarus begins confiscating and selling vehicles of drunk drivers, Rus... 16/11/2013 Culture
A court in Belarus has confiscated the car of a repeated drunk driver and ordered the person to 1.5 years of community service following the introduct...View Details»

Iran to take much tougher position in nuclear talks after 'France's sa... 16/11/2013 Politics
Photo: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong (L), EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton (3rd L), US Secretary of State John K...View Details»

‘Suspicious things going on’: UK, US aiming to block Iraq war inquiry ... 16/11/2013 Politics
The US and Britain are trying to block the inquiry into the UK’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq, anti-war activist Lindsey German told RT. Conver...View Details»

China's 'boundless' bitcoin boom is driven by savings ethics — RT Busi... 16/11/2013 Economy
The opportunities for Bitcoin in China are “boundless” as the Chinese, famous for their big saving, are now using the cryptocurrency to save and inves...View Details»

US: Iran Deal ‘Quite Possible’ Next Week -- News from 16/11/2013 Politics
by Jason Ditz, November 15, 2013 The last round of talks between the P5+1 and Iran ended in last second disappointment, but US officials now say it i...View Details»