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Sisygambis Passes Away... 16/06/323BC History
Sisygambis, the mother of Dariush 3rd passed away five days after Alexander's death. She who had given birth to seven sons and seen their death, must ...View Details»

Yazdgerd 3.Ascends The Throne... 16/06/632 History
Yazdgerd 3 was the 35th and the last king of the Sassanid Dynasty. His father was Shahriar whose mother was Miriam, the daughter of the Byzantine Empe...View Details»

Ilkhanates Embrace Islam... 16/06/1295 History
In a political move, Ghazan Khan converted to Islam, on June, 16, 1295 and took the name Mahmoud. Thus he earned the support of his earlier enemy Mong...View Details»

Case Black: Partisan Victory at The Battle of Sutjeska ... 16/06/1943 History
Case Black (German: Fall Schwarz), also known as the Fifth Enemy Offensive (Serbo-Croatian: Peta neprijateljska ofanziva) in Yugoslav historiography a...View Details»

Iraqi Kurdistan PM in Iran for talks ... 16/06/2014 News
TEHRAN: The Prime Minister of Iraq's Kurdistan region is in Tehran for talks with Iranian officials, media reported Monday, amid efforts to thwart a S...View Details»

Iran Suffers Defeat against Brazil in FIVB World League... 16/06/2014 News
TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The Iranian national volleyball team suffered a near defeat against Brazil in the FIVB Volleyball World League on Sunday evening. B...View Details»

Rezvani Beast Production Launches As America's Next Supercar... 16/06/2015 Auto
By Alex Lloyd Alex LloydEditor at Large June 15, 2015 It’s easy to scoff at the many unheard-of automakers that claim to be creating the latest, great...View Details»

Eradicating polio: Iran offers free vaccines to Pakistan, Afghanistan ... 16/06/2015 Health
By Sehrish Wasif Published: June 16, 2015 ISLAMABAD: Iran is ready to offer free anti-polio vaccines to Pakistan and Afghanistan in an effort to hel...View Details»

Iran's 40 million barrels stored at sea hangs over oil market| Reuters... 16/06/2015 Economy
* Nuclear talks deadline June 30 * Iran expected to waste no time in sales push if agreement * Tehran told market to prepare for more Iran oil post s...View Details»

Iran reports H5N1 bird flu in backyard chickens: OIE, news, Health New... 16/06/2015 Health
Tuesday, Jun 16, 2015 Reuters Iran reported on Monday an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu virus among backyard chickens in a village in...View Details»