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Hystaspes Defeats Median Uprising... 11/07/521BC History
While Dariush was fighting Phraortes in Rhagae, his father Hystaspes was fighting Median rebels in Parthia but his forces were not enough. Then Darius...View Details»

Egypt coup sends chill through world of political Islam - The Denver P... 11/07/2013 News
ISTANBUL, Turkey — The toppling of an elected Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt, and a subsequent crackdown on its leaders and ranks by the armed ...View Details»

A Coup? Or Something Else? $1.5 Billion in US Aid Is on the Line... 11/07/2013 News
By all accounts, the generals removed the democratically elected president, put him in detention, arrested his allies and suspended the Constitution....View Details»

U.S. Now Blamed for Undermining and Supporting Egypt's Coup | The Cab... 11/07/2013 News
Washington's exhaustive attempts to be viewed as a neutral player in Egypt's coup are unraveling as pro- and anti-Muslim Brotherhood forces latch ont...View Details»

Egypt's coup does not bode well for Palestinians | Rana Baker | Commen... 11/07/2013 News
When Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February 2011, Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip joined the celebrations of millions of Egyptians. Mubarak, aft...View Details»

Levin: Egypt's military conducted 'coup' - Washington Times... 11/07/2013 News
The chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services said Wednesday that the Egyptian military’s ouster of Islamist President Mohammad Morsi is a “c...View Details»

As the Bazaar Goes, So Goes Iran | Pacific Money | The Diplomat... 11/07/2013 News
The crowded corridors of Tehran’s Grand Bazaar course straight through the heart of Iran’s complex commercial and political discourse. Its bustling an...View Details»

The Fall Of The Peacock Throne -- Iran... 11/07/2013 News
Defeat Makes Us Invincible In the days of Cyrus and Darius, nothing, it seemed, could stop the powerful and confident Persians. In most of the centur...View Details»

Iran asks India to settle all oil payment in rupees - sources - Yahoo!... 11/07/2013 News
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Iran has asked India to settle all oil trade including $1.53 billion owed to Tehran in the partly convertible rupee as the sanct...View Details»

Hagel: US knows Iran, Russia aiding Iraq in fight against ISIS | TheHi... 11/07/2014 Politics
By Kristina Wong - 07/11/14 05:34 PM EDT Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday that Iran and Russia were helping Iraq battle a Sunni extremist in...View Details»