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First Revelation Of Mohammad... 09/07/610 History
God sent angel Gabriel to Mohammad and ordered him to read on July, 9, 610 (Aug, 10 according to some other accounts). This was the First Revelation o...View Details»

Bahai Leader Bab Executed... 09/07/1850 History
Seyyed Alimohammad Shirazi also known as Bab was executed in Tabriz at the age of 31. The execution order was personally approved by Naseroddin Shah o...View Details»

The CIA Backed Nojeh Coup Uncovered... 09/07/1980 History
Nojeh is the name of a garrison near the city of Hamedan in which a coup against the regime had been planned. The American secret service, CIA had mad...View Details»

Tehran University Street Uprising... 09/07/1999 History
The University Street events are a series of clashes at the Tehran university between 7-13 July, 1999. University students were attacked by armed forc...View Details»

Why your next vacation could be in Iran - 09/07/2015 History
By Frederik Pleitgen, CNN Updated 1028 GMT (1728 HKT) July 9, 2015 A tourist in Iran: Shiraz and Persepolis 10 photos Tehran (CNN)When you fly to Iran...View Details»