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Ottomans Attack Hormoz Island... 08/07/1552 History
The expansionist Ottoman empire in a power struggle with the Europeans attacked the Portuguese units in the Hormoz Island in the Persian Gulf. Iran's ...View Details»

Khiabani Uprising In Tabriz... 08/07/1920 History
In 1919, Iranian Prime Minister Vosooghoddoleh secretly signed a treaty with Britain that gave the colonist state exclusive rights over Iran’s transpo...View Details»

North Petroleum Decree Approved... 08/07/1924 History
In 1924, the ministry of common wealth announced that all Qajar decrees related to mining should be registered and approved, otherwise they would be i...View Details»

Saadabad Treaty Signed... 08/07/1937 History
Upon an initiative from the British government, Iran was somehow forced to sign a non-agression treaty with Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan in Saadabad ...View Details»

Statistics Of Foreign Nationals... 08/07/1941 History
In a last effort to assure Iran's neutrality in war, the Ettelaat Newspaper gave the statistics of foreign nationals in Iran as follows; 2590 British,...View Details»

Oldest and First Animation in the world at burnt city ~ Up Up and Aw... 08/07/2014 History
Iran, Burnt City is one of the most important prehistoric sites of the country which was well developed during the third millennium BCE. Spreading ov...View Details»