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Jalali/Persian Calendar Invented... 06/03/1079 History
A group of astronomers including famous Omar Khayyam created the new solar calendar known as Jalali calendar, named after Malekshah, a Seljuk king who...View Details»

Aged but Durable: Tehran Riots Grow From Oil Deadlock ... 06/03/1953 History
March 6, 1953 — The WORLD This WEEK The WORLD This WEEK was a syndicated package of news and editorial content which ran as full page spreads in U.S. ...View Details»

Ahvaz Sugar Factory Inaugurated... 06/03/1960 History
Iranians decided to built a sugar processing factory in Ahvaz in late 1930s which was opposed by the British government. Although initial studies had ...View Details»

Morocco severed diplomatic ties with Iran ... 06/03/2009 History
Iran-Morocco relations have often been tarred by disputes. On several occasions Iran and Morocco have mostly or completely severed diplomatic relation...View Details»

12,000 tourists traveled to ancient city of Susa in 11 months... 06/03/2016 History
Dezful, March 6, IRNA- Governor of Susa said that 12,000 tourists from 45 world countries have visited the ancient city of Susa since the beginning o...View Details»