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Downfall Of Zand Dynasty... 05/03/1779 History
Karimkhan's death actually triggered the downfall of the Zand dynasty as a strange fight for power began. Karim Khan Zand succeeded in taking back mos...View Details»

Iran Recognizes Israel ... 05/03/1950 History
In the cabinet meeting of Prime Minister Mohammad Sa'ed Maraghei on 5th March, 1950 recognition of Israel was approved. Iran was the second Muslim-maj...View Details»

Mosaddegh Dies In Confinement... 05/03/1967 History
Britain abused Iranian prodigious oil fields for many years. That all changed in 1951 when Iranians nationalized the oil industry under Mosaddegh lead...View Details»

Artemisia, The Warrior Queen: Admiral of the Persian Navy 350 BC ... 05/03/2014 History
Artemisia By Jone Johnson Lewis Basic Artemisia Facts: Known for: warrior queen - she joined Xerxes in his battle against the Greeks at Salamis Dates...View Details»