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Death of Allahverdi Khan Safavid general and statesman... 03/06/1613 History
Allahverdi Khan (Persian: اللّه وردی خان‎, Georgian: ალავერდი-ხანი) (c. 1560 – June 3, 1613) was an Iranian general and statesman of Georgian origin w...View Details»

Majlis Passes Municipality/City Council Law... 03/06/1907 History
Management of cities in Iran, in its modern form began after Constitutional Monarchy during the first year of Majlis. The law that allowed creation of...View Details»

Nasr 2. Operation Started... 03/06/1987 History
The Nasr 2 operation was conducted by the Iranian army ground troops. This military operation during the Iran–Iraq War aimed to take control of height...View Details»