SearchIranian route from BC to C3 on Broad Peak Everest K2 News ExplorersWeb - Summer 2013: New Route, Summits, Burials and Summit Bid

Iranian route from BC to C3 on Broad Peak Everest K2 News ExplorersWeb - Summer 2013: New Route, Summits, Burials and Summit Bid... 20/07/2013 News

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Iranian New Route Ascent of Broad Peak

The Iranian team has successfully completed the new route on the Southwest Face of Broad Peak they had been working on since 2009. Three climbers (Aidin Bozorgi, Pouya Keivan and Mojtaba Jarahi), who bivouacked at around 8000m on the night of the 15th, reached the summit on Tuesday, July 16th. The new route meets the normal route at C3 and then goes to the right directly to the main summit of Broad Peak (refer to images). The team left C3 on Saturday and had to make three bivouacs at altitudes of 7350m, 7450m and 8000m before reaching the summit (8051m).

But the climb isn’t over yet. From reports, it appears that the climbers haven’t reached the safety of C3 yet. Due to some confusion in the descent path, they had to bivouac for the fifth night on Wednesday at an altitude of 7700m. They will have to climb 100m today to reach the normal descent route to C3. It’s reported that all climbers are in good health without any sign of hypothermia and edema. Two members of the team, Ramin Shojaei and Afshin Saadi are in C3 waiting for the summiteers.

There are also reports of Pakistanis reaching the summit of Broad Peak via the normal route. Precise details about the ascent are not available yet.
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