Shah Ismail 2.Ascends The Throne

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Shah Ismail 2 was the fourth son of Shah Tahmasp of the Safavid Dynasty. Born in 1537, He was the governor of Shirvan in 15647. In 1556 he was the governor of Khorasan when he was arrested for plotting against his father and spent the next 20 years in the prison at the Castle of Qahqaha.
After the death of Shah Tahmasp on Aug, 22, 1576, Kizilbash leaders immediately killed his younger brother Heydar Mirza who was from the Shamloo family. After seeing the Crown Prince decapitated, some of his supporters were killed while trying to flee from capital Qazvin.
Kizilbash leaders freed Ismail from prison and installed him on the Safavid throne on Sep, 1, 1576.
Obviously, Ismail had spent his years in prison planning for revenge. He killed some of his brothers blinding others, and killed so many people that he got the title: blood-thirsty. But the last drop was his pro-Sunni policy which turned the Kizilbash against him. They plotted to assassinate Shah Ismail 2 with the help of his sister Parikhan who poisoned the king on Nov, 24, 1577....

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