Shah Meets Carter In Washington

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Mohammad Reza Shah met with the U.S. President Jimmy Carter at the white house. The Israel issue was at the top of Carter's agenda. Shah was asked to extend support for diplomatic efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East. The two leaders also discussed alternative energy sources while emphasizing on nuclear nonproliferation matters.
Before this meeting, an incident occurred outside the White House grounds. During an attempt by police forces to disperse demonstrators, tear gas was used. Shah's first meeting with an American President was in 1943, when President Roosevelt attended the Tehran Conference; and subsequently he met with every US President : Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Lyndon Johnson.
Iran was in tight economic, military and political relations with the United States. General Motors was assembling Cadillac cars in Iran that sold for $35,000 but Shah's greatest ambition at the time was obtaining nuclear power plants. Two plants were being built by France. As a gesture of goodwill, Shah even offered to store nuclear waste in Iranian deserts which drew some criticism at the time.
Queen Farah Diba accompanied the Shah during his two day visit that started on Nov, 15. In less than a month, President Carter and his wife paid back a visit on Dec, 12 which was the last trip by a U.S. President to Tehran.
On Sep, 13, an assassination attempt against Shah's sister Ashraf Pahlavi in a southern French resort had failed, a probably strong signal of what was brewing in French kitchen for Iran....

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