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When Mohammad Shah was on his dead bed, Iran was in a turmoil and the Vezir Haji Mirza Aghasi took refuge in Shah Abdolazim's shrine. Crown Prince Naseroddin Mirza came to Tehran and with the help of Mirza Taghi Khan, later known as Amirkabir, he ascended the throne. Amirkabir served him for 39 months before he was dismissed and later murdered by Shah's order. The conspiracy was arranged by Iran's enemies who had penetrated the royal court. Naseroddin Shah later asserted that he was played into signing the order while he was drunk.
After the fall of the Sassanid Empire, Naseroddin Shah was the first Iranian king to travel to Europe. During his 3 trips, he became interested in photography and brought back necessary equipments to develop his passion. He also tried to implement the European models in modern post, railways and press but he did not succeed much. His attempt to write a new civil law was also a failure because the Qajar family's reign was indeed based on exploiting people's religious beliefs and keeping Iranians unaware of world events.
He was fond of the British and gave many concessions to them. He was very proud of receiving the Order of Garter given to him by Queen Victoria in 1873. He also used Russian support to stay in power.
His incapability in managing country's affairs and his lust and greed finally cost him his life. He was assassinated in Shah Abdolazim's Shrine by Mirza Reza Kermani on April, 30 and died on May, 1, 1986. According to some witnesses, in his final words he said that if he stayed alive, he would rule people differently. But the Constitutional Revolution had already begun and the Qajar Dynasty was overthrown in less that 30 years....

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