Newspapers Banned

Newspapers Banned... 26/05/1910 History, #Ahmad_Shah, #Dynasty, #Iran, #Oligarchy, #Pahlavi, #Prime_Minister, #Qajar, #Reza_Shah, #Shah

The Prime Minister who was Ahmad Shah's regent ordered a ban on newspapers that criticized the government. The chief editors of these leftist publications were sent to court and some of them received jail terms. Ahmad Shah had not reached legal age, thus the country was ruled by the regent. Iran was in the middle of the constitutional revolution while the royal Qajar court, under foreign influence was absorbed in corruption.
In order to suppress public discontent, the newspapers were labeled as elements of foreign countries. The Qajar dynasty was overthrown by Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925 but the tradition of limiting press freedom has been present ever since. The Qajar Dynasty was replaced with a Pahlavi dictatorship.
The 1979 revolution that topple the Pahlavi regime brought hopes of freedom which gradually faded away with creation of an Oligarchy in which censorship is widely practiced in all forms of media including the press and the internet....

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