Foundation Of SAVAK

Foundation Of SAVAK... 19/09/1956 History, #CIA, #Iran, #MI6, #MOSSAD, #SAVAK, #SAVAMA, #Zahedi

A draft on foundation of SAVAK which was approved at the cabinet of ministers, was presented to the parliament for for ratification. SAVAK soon became a dreadful secret service that got involved in many dark activities. Before foundation of SAVAK, intelligence and information gathering activities were described within the police department as well as a special unit in the army. The military junta headed by General Zahedi insisted on creation of SAVAK as a tool to suppress civil political activities in Iran.
SAVAK had close ties with CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD and it's secret activities included keeping files for famous personalities, even state officials sometimes with false accusations to be able to use against them just in case. This was one of the reasons people hated SAVAK.
After the 1979 revolution, SAVAK was dissolved but rumors indicated that most of the personel were employed in a new organization called SAVAMA. Currently, because of lack of transparency there us no reliable information on such activities inside ministries, universities, and other foundations apart from the fact that these mafia-like dark people are only referred to as civil-suits nowadays....

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