Ottomans Capture Hamedan

Ottomans Capture Hamedan... 31/08/1724 History, #Ardebil, #Azerbaijan, #Caspian, #Caspian_Sea, #Hamedan, #Iran, #Iranian, #Isfahan, #Ottoman, #Ottomans, #Safavid, #Safavid_Empire, #Shah, #Shah_Tahmasp, #Tabriz, #Tahmasp, #Urmia

As Afghans were plundering the cities of Iran and Russians advanced to take all Iranian provinces along the Caspian Sea, Ottomans also sought the opportunity to take a bite of the dead Safavid Empire. After defeating the remaining Safavid garrisons, the Ottomans captured Hamedan. The Azerbaijan front was leaded by the governor of Van. The following year some other cities were captured and the Ottoman army laid a siege on Tabriz but had to step back because of popular resistance. This gave the Ottomans the alibi to savage and pillage Tabriz after their conquest of that city. Then the Ottoman army took Urmia and Ardebil and thus completed Ottomans conquest of Azerbaijan.
Meanwhile scattered attacked from patriotic resistance groups that sought refuge in the mountains were all repelled because they did not have a strong leadership. Shah Tahmasp 2 who had escaped from captivity in Isfahan did not have necessary qualifications to lead an all out war in 3 fronts against Russians, Ottomans and Afghans....

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