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The Turkish War... 14/06/1734 History, #Aras, #Armenia, #Baghdad, #Daghestan, #Erivan, #Ganjeh, #Hamedan, #Iranian, #Kars, #Mesopotamia, #Ottoman, #Ottomans, #Shirvan, #Sultan, #Sultan_Mahmoud, #Tbilisi, #Turkish, #Yenicheri

When an Ottoman messenger arrived with a letter from Sultan Mahmoud that he could not consider the convention with the governor of Baghdad as definitive, and that Abdollah his plenipotentiary and commander in chief was on a mission to Mesopotamia, it was clear that a war was imminent. Nader set foot in Hamedan on June, 14. He spent the next four months in reducing provinces of Shirvan and Daghestan to obedience.
Then he raised a large bridge over the Aras river and chose Armenia as his next stop. On Nov, 3, he encamped near the city of Ganjeh. The Ottoman governor of the city named Ali evacuated the suburbs and retired to the citadel, preparing for a long resistance. Nader was trying to draw Abdollah into the field, therefore he sent another of his generals to harass Tbilisi. However, Abdollah was unmoved by any of these. Nader took off towards Kars where the main Ottoman army was stationed. After he received intelligence about the size of the Turkish army, he did not find it prudent to attack this well-entrenched camp with 70,000 cavalries and 50,000 infantries with large bodies of Yenicheri regiments. The Iranian army headed towards Erivan not doubting that the danger of three principal cities would cause Ottomans to move. Abdollah mistaking this move for a retreat, decided to attack. The Ottomans outnumbered Iranians eight to one, but Nader had a surprise for them....

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