Neishabour Becomes Capital

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After making a peace deal with the Romans, Yazdgerd 2 decided to announce the city of Neishabour which was founded by Shapour I, the new capital. Iran used to have more than one capital at the same time because of vastness of the empire. The reason behind Yazdgerd's decision was creating a center in greater Khorasan to counter the nomadic Heptalites who used every opportunity to settle inside Iran. The cities of Marv, Samarkand, Balkh, and Bukhara were other important cities of the greater Khorasan. Located along the famous Silk Road, Neishabour has supplied the world with turquoise for at least two millennia. In the year 1000, Neishabour was among the 10 largest cities on earth until Chengiz Khan ordered massacre of all residents in 1221. Neishabour has been destroyed and rebuilt more times than any other city in history.
Yazdgerd 2 succeeded in repelling the Heptalites who then migrated to Europe and formed Hungary....

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