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Thrusting U. S. Into Diplomatic Limbo... 31/03/1936 History, #Ala, #Britain, #British, #Chicago, #Cossack, #Governor, #Iran, #Iranian, #Khan, #Manhattan, #Maryland, #Minister_Plenipotentiary, #Pahlavi, #Persian, #Plenipotentiary, #Reza_Khan, #Reza_Shah, #Shah, #Washington

Reza Shah Pahlavi, now calling himself the King of Kings ordered the Iranian legation in Washington and the Iranian consulates in Manhattan and Chicago permanently closed, thus thrusting the U. S. into a diplomatic limbo. The political outrage started after his majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to the U. S. Ghaffar Khan Jalal Ala was handcuffed and arrested by a local police officer. His car was stopped for speeding in Elkton, Maryland. Despite the fact that he produced his diplomatic credentials, Ghaffar Khan was manacled and taken to the court. The judge immediately ordered his release. Not satisfied by an apology from Maryland's Governor, and the dismissal of the officer, Reza Shah recalled Ghaffar Khan and ordered cutting diplomatic ties with the U.S. This action was partly attributed to what was considered the disrespectful and humiliating treatment of himself and his country in the U. S. press.
Meanwhile Britain was curiously keeping an eye on a trade worth of $85,000,000 between Iran and the U.S. The British media kept running studio portrait of Reza Shah, declaring him of a very noble Persian family of the purest element of the Iranian race. The fact still remains intact; Reza Khan was only a Cossack officer in charge of the moles before being chosen by the British general Ironside in 1921. He was simply dismissed and died in exile in 1944....

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